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An extremely small town in southern Illinois in which it is so lame that the name had to come from the three counties in which it lies in. (Wamac...Washington, Marion, and Clinton counties)Considered to be a meth and overall dope capital of this area, most who drive by can catch wanna be gangsters working out on their weight benches in their front yards. Houses are few and far between mostly filled with trailers. Not to say trailers are bad but when you have a trailer built out of many different trailers...well they turn out to be very colorful. Also referred to as "the Mac" Wamac has very little to offer with the exceptions of having the only bar in this area that is open 23 hours a day and a decent bar and grill. It's so bad in this town that even the Wamac cops are barely there and trouble is so extreme that the neighboring police force is always seen arresting somebody in Wamac. Many mexican immigrants flock to this area making Wamac look like a giant pinata bursting with mexicans. Alot of stabbings occur here with many domestic disputes. There's not much to do in this town so drinking, dealing/doing drugs, and fighting are the only few top priorities this place has to offer. The neighboring towns have the added delight that Wamacians are capable of migrating to their area. Where Wamacians are to go, trouble is sure to follow.
Guy #1: Dude, you know any place where I can get some drugs and work out?

Guy #2: The only place around here....Wamac!
by Downfall_03 February 07, 2010
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