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the Walsingham is a fighting move perfected by students at rough schools, where by the attacker takes the victim's head and wacks it into a surface repeatedly.

the name comes from kate blanchett's first elizabeth movie (1998) where the queen's servant "Walsingham" (played by geofrey rush) sends a spy disguised as a page boy to keep an eye on his catholic enemys.

the boy is found out and the catholic who is being spyed on takes the boy's head and smashes it in to a rock repeatedly saying " Walsingham is your master, Walsingham, Walsingham!"
"when i was 6 this kid ethan had a crush on me, he used to turn around in his seat to stare at me, tell me he loved me, etc. so i did a Walsingham on him into the sand pit."

"we should Walsingham that kid so bad".

"ever hear of a little thing called Walsingham? the victim's head is repeatedly smashed into a surface, me and my sister perfected it in our old waldorf school, and practiced on each other."
by nerd observer August 24, 2012
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Walsinghams is a severe illness that makes the human turn severely retarded. The carrier of the disease will repeatedly sing about faeces, the rectum, the plebo and other unusual things like the buck sack and the recto pebo.
Walsinghams sufferers talk like this: Hey grobeen my Bucky my sucky eat the pebo ourtmy bucksack. this means nothing to other humans but to the walsingham people it is very understandable
by Drabulation May 17, 2018
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