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Wallet Fraud is a most heinous means of deception. Wallet Fraud takes place when a woman who knows that she is lacking in the booty department wears jeans just a little loose and puts a large wallet in one pocket and another item (sometimes a cell phone) in the other so as to create the illusion of a more voluminous posterior.

There is some level of plausable deniability involved because these items do have a purpose and could feasably be stored in the back pockets without any sort of nefarious intent, but one must remember that if this woman did in fact have a decent-sized badonkadonk, she wouldn't be obstructing the view of it with all sorts of paraphernalia.
Bob: Hey man check out the ass on that girl over there. I can't see too well but its looking like we got a class 5 badonkadonk.
Joe: No man, I already scoped that one out. Texbook case of Wallet Fraud. I've already notified the authorities. They will be arriving shortly.
by Skeeter McDougal January 16, 2006
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