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(ˈwȯl-krȯl--ləng): Verb. The rural equivalent of mall-crawling. In small or isolated towns where there are no mall, clubs, or real entertainment venues, the denizens will often hang out at the local Wal-Mart to stave off boredom. Since Wal-Mart is generally open 24/7, this can also double as nightlife (for those who aren't too picky).
Example: "My brother and I wanted to drive to Austin and see a show, but I didn't have enough money. So we hit up Taco Bell and then went Wall-crawling."
Example: "I'm about to go Wall-crawling again because there's nothing else to do at 1:30 AM in this town. Please, someone stop me."
Example: "I went Wall-crawling again yesterday night, and I noticed they got new varieties of body wash. This has become my social life." *cries*
Example: "I seen my friends Lurlene and Deniesha at the Wally World last night when we was Wall-crawlin'. We done all tried on bras 'cause we's so bored, but we ditt'n buy none."
"Poor Jimmy, every night since his girlfriend left him he's gone Wall-crawling. And he always does the same thing - goes right down the greeting card aisle, reads them all, and punches the stuffed animals."
by Yachohime August 21, 2013
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