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The Wall of Like is a Facebook feat that only the brave should attempt. It is not as simple as a like rape, you cannot simply like everything on a page. You must truly take over the poor victim's Facebook, which can be done in 8 simple steps:

1) Like Rape the page, liking every update.
2) Comment on every update, stating how much you like it.
3) Tag the victim in your status and like it.
4) Comment on your status and like it.
5) Take a picture of yourself doing the "thumbs up", upload picture to Facebook.
6) Tag the victim in the picture, like and comment.
7) Recruit a friend(s) to copy steps 1-6.
8) Like all of the friends comments and picture(s).

This feat is not for the faint of heart, those who have accomplished it have reserved themselves a space among the Facebook douches elite.
Man 1: Dude, me and Joseph just pulled off the Wall of Like!
Man 2: Well done brave soldier, well done.
by Colonel Facebook Douche June 11, 2011
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