- a genuine drug fiend who says they won't have any drugs

- snorts copious amounts of class A's and then declares it hardly happens

- at 6pm on a Friday the fiending starts despite it being just a casual drink

Often says things like:

"nooo, i'm being good this weekend, no drugs for me!"

"I think i'll just go for a walk at the weekend and get an early night"

"Nah I have no money anyway, you go ahead though I won't have any"

"I'm a professional, I don't even do drugs"

- you can recognise a WCF when at 7am they are carpet surfing and looking under things for more drugs

-they can become angry and distressed unless provided with drugs quickly, despite saying they didn't need more

- more fiendish than any type of fiend, because at the end of the day, they know they are a mess

- they will snort anything

- quite often come across as very professional people who work hard and earn money in a respectful way, however weekends ruin them

- might dress as animals when high wired
"Woah, look at that guy who said he wouldn't do drugs, now he is scuttling round, he is a walking contradiction fiend!"

"I thought he was really professional, I would never have known he was such a contradiction!"

"he said he would be good at the weekend and do no drugs, now he is licking the table and floor for leftovers"
by OncaPardus August 15, 2012
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