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That Smiley Face Blue Light Specialist. We've all met one. They love the Greeters and the Greeters Hate them. He's either 3 feet of heat or 6 feet of meat. He possibly has either has a dead deer on the roof of his truck or a confederate flag on the back. A WalMartAholic shops Exclusively at Walmart, purchases excessive amounts of pickles in large jars from China and Copious amounts of Toilet Paper. This is SuperSize me land. You can't buy porn, but you can buy profilactics. This is the kind of place that warns you that your Superman Halloween Costume or Pajamas are Flameable, but it's not Ok to listen to great music. This is not Global, this is boring. Place of origin: where there are lots of possums.
<Son of A>, I just saw a WalmartAholic leave Walmart with shotgun shells, a case of cheap beer, hotdogs, a carton of smokes and a Deer Hunting Magazine...let's stay in tonight and hide.
by Prozic December 11, 2005
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