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The best sex in the world. Occurs when you and your partner are both sound asleep and then slowly wake up having sex, in the middle of the night.
Its a trip from Dream State to Horny State.
Afterwards you go back to blissful sleep.
John: "What happened last night?"
Peter: "We had Wake Up Sex"
John: "Whats That?"
Peter: "We were asleep in each others arms and then i was half awake and we were already having sex and it was weird 'cause it was like it was a dream but then we realised it was real so we took it to the next level.It was so horny!"
by fnky January 25, 2006
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When whoever's in your bed can't get to sleep/wakes up and decides to penetrate their partner without warning. Often used in porn.
I can't get to sleep, I'd better have some Wake-up Sex
by ubersquirl March 29, 2012
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