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Service industry related buttock chafing as a result of humid and hot conditions whilst waiting tables. Scientific documentation of waitress butt has yet to be proven, as females are less likely to discuss such an ailment.

Add'l info: Bartenders don't get waiter butt, since they don't do as much walking. Sucks to be a waiter, eh?
"Have you seen Dave? He just got double sat."

"I just saw him in the kitchen getting some corn starch."

"Oh, he's been walking like a duck all night.

"Waiter butt will do that to you."


(snapping) "WAITER! Can we get some more free rolls?"

"I'm baking some in my ass (due to the heat of waiter butt). They'll be done in two minutes."

by SmugSockMonkey June 06, 2006
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