This is another popular anime weaboo's or a otaku's term. A Waifu is another anime term for a wife in the 2D world of anime or video games. Ones waifu must be treated with love and affection, you must do this as a man for your waifu.
Waifu Material is something you look for in a potential waifu. You must search for specific material you desire to carefully look for your one and only waifu. An example of something you make look for in a potential waifu is well their looks. Most people decide on their waifu's with their looks or personality. And once you find someone who could be your waifu, make sure they have WAIFU MATERIAL. Messing this up can result in heartbreak and can lead to depression.
"hey! Doesn't she look to have some potential Waifu Material?"
"We got to look for some possible Waifu Material for you!"
by AnimeWeabooOtakuTrash July 6, 2018