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Main Entry: wa·ga·ami

Pronunciation: \wä-gä-ämē\

Function: noun

Inflected form(s): plural wagaami \wä-gä-mī\

Etymology: Japanese and French Compound word, from Japanese Waga meaning My, from French Ami meaning Friend;

from Japanese wagami meaning oneself, myself. Homographic word as the singular and plural are spelled alike but pronounced differently.

Date: 2008

1: a hired platonic companion.

2: a person or group of persons hired to accompany another to give companionship.

3: accompaniment by a hired person.

4: a hired person to accompany and fulfill the requests of the employer not pertaining to any sexual or erotic activities.

This definition was created because there isn't a word for a non-sexual escort. The company Wagaami created it to reflect a new breed of business to define a hired platonic companion. Wagaami are used for mock dates, event partners or general companionship

Use: I have a big event to go to on Friday and I dont have enough time to find a knock out. I think I will hire a Wagaami to go with me.
by The Major Dean February 01, 2009
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