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An excessive display of lingerie clad women on social media platforms. An increasing number of women have taken to post selfies clad in their underwear in an attempt to boost their profile likes.

News feeds on platforms such as Facebook have subsequently been inundated with such posts causing users to be overwhelmed by a Wacoalanche

Wacoalance is a conjunction of the root words avalanche and the Japanese lingerie manufacturer Wacoal.
"STOMP has not only gotten away with the 4 deadly digital sins (i.e. trolling, hate speech, racism and xenophobia); it has also unleashed a Wacoalanche of lingerie-clad women that threaten to overwhelm impressionable young males, causing them to become lesbians”.

Excerpted from a note published by Quiet Desperation.
by Quiet Desperation April 17, 2014
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