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What would the bare-foot contessa do?
From Gilmore girls.
She goes on to say that, initially, on waking early, she couldn't decide how to pass the time "until my one and only offspring, the fruit of my loins..." --Rory interrupts, telling her it's to early for mention of "loins," but Lorelai goes on -- "loin fruit that she is, straggled out of bed." But then, Lorelai says, she asked herself, "WWTBFCD?" Rory squints as she translates: "What would The Barefoot Contessa do?" Right, Lorelai says. Rory has to break it to Lorelai that "barefoot" is one word. "Shut up, loin fruit," Lorelai shoots back.
by baabydoll May 19, 2009
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