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A bowel movement that is so large and wide that it ends all future shits. Such a shit only occurs after 12-24 hours of eating large, greasy, and out-right disgusting meals such as as Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box, chili dogs, or other comparable foods that you are not experienced with. It is a shit that typically lasts 20 minutes to 1 hours, very painful, and causes body-wide convolutions. This shit is believed to be your last no matter what may be consumed in the future, having you believe that you have shit out all of your future shits before you have had them.
OMG, dude. After going for breaking the 16 record from that Crave Case from White Castle, I took a WW I shit. I had my phone next to me just in case I had to call 911. It took numerous flushes as well as 3 plungers to get it down. Next time I'll let Sheeky take my place in the competition while I order fries, a milkshake, and a medium Mountain Dew. He is a stronger man than I will ever dream of.
by brettuthius September 15, 2007
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