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When a young couple who are members of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod get married to offset the chances of being separated by a divine call. With no clue of where their future will take them, WELS males move fast in finding a WELS female who they work quickly to become serious with. WELS females consider it true love and agree to marry for the same fear of being separated.

WELS order brides come primary from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN but can be seen throughout much of the church body. Desperation plays a big factor in WELS order brides. Most WELS order bride couples live in the midwest no more then 3 hours from where they grew up.

Signs of a WELS order bride are a short dating period which worries their family members, thinking that Martin Luther College is a real college, having kids right away and following it with bad parenting, and having no financial education.
Peter: "Joe proposed to Mary after only 5 months of dating."
Paul: "Yeah, Joe just wanted a WELS order bride knowing Mary is the only one that will ever love him"
by Racist_ Lighting June 03, 2015
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