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(wich stands for Why does nobody fuckin rocks anymore)

Is a FUCKIN great heavy metal band coming straight from montreal , quebec , canada. Their sound could be described as an actual incarnation of 80's trash metal.Add to that the intensity and the virtuosity.

their album ''break out'' (released in 2010) contain a lot of future hits like Joyful Fails , Now What , The break out and inner pain that you can listen for free on their youtube account ! (Just type wdnfra in google because UD don't allow me to put some links !)

With an estival tour they did in mexico ,last summer, under their belts , those guys are ready to conquer every fuckin metalhead soul around the world !

Be sure to check them out when they'll be around your town !
-Fuck your wacky deathcore WDNFRA's the shit !

-Man , i went to a wdnfra show last night
-Yeah ? how was it ?
-fuckin awesome the mosh pit was so huge that i came back to my house with two brokent teeths and blood all over my shirt xD
by boooooooooooooooooooo January 24, 2011
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