W.A.S.P. stands for "Worn After Sex Panties" Particularly with two females getting both of their p*ssy juices on the panties making them better sexually to smell, and to taste, a woman’s vagina is substantially influenced by her hormones. Orgasm is in fact the result of hormonal stimulation. “As arousal builds and becomes more intense, production of oxytocin causes the nerves in the genitals to fire spontaneously causing orgasms.” Oxytocin is the hormone that’s commonly known as the "Cuddle" or "Love hormone". This hormone is in both male and females and although levels rise substantially in males during orgasm they skyrocket in woman. Essentially masturbation orgasms, even if intense, are quite simply no way comparable to orgasms achieved thorough making love. Hormones, specifically oxytocin, are dramatically different in a woman that’s been made love to rather than one who has been manipulated to orgasm through self stimulation. Oxytocin, is the key to this difference. Google Wasp Panties!
1. After having my worn after sex panties, W.A.S.P. panties may cause you to fall in love with me.

2. You can purchase my wasp panties. There will be no male semen in these worn after sex panties W.A.S.P. panties- just me and my girlfrind's.
by Daisy Mae 123 October 26, 2011
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