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The term Vybo or Vibo has two different meanings depending on the context. Typically this word will be used if a song or experience gives off a certain vibe. Typically it it spelled "vybo" when the song or experience makes a person feel emotionally destroyed. The 'y' in vybo is pronounced like the 'y' in why. It will typically be spelled "vibo" if it gives the individual good vibes. The 'i' in vibo is pronounced like the two 'e's in trees. The origin of this term comes from Tyler Joseph's Chlorine during the Location Sessions where he says "let the vibe, let the vibe oh". An extremely emotional song that penetrates the heart when played slowly and gives off great energy when upbeat.
"Hey, did you listen to that new song?"
"Yeah, but the vybo man. It hurts to listen, but it's so good."

"You listen to any bops lately?"
"Yeah, I got one that's pretty vibo."
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by Ned is not nederlander June 24, 2019
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