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(1)An individual who can't handle their liquor or ganja properly, often becoming abrasively obnoxious off less than a drink or a toke. (lowercase v)
(2)A tall goofy looking creature, who often mistakes innocent bystanders for his cousin Douglas. Also anyone of his numerous male siblings. (uppercase V)
(3)A strange noise exerted from both the mouth and nasal passage of Super Fudge after he inadvertently inhales Vodka Vapors. (italics)
(1)Did you see that vumph with the Zima humping the hassock?
(2)Yeah Vumph says his cousin Kegan (not directly related to Douglas)is mailng him ten hits of acid.
(3)This has to be witnessed.
by Farley Drexel Hatcher January 18, 2004
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