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Marketplace to access high quality, world-class financial model samples and collaborative numbers community.

The verb "to vumero" refers to:

* Recycling and sharing high quality financial models
* Crowdsourcing financial model building
* Reviewing with independence and confidentiality

Could be described as a hybrid of Slideshare (Powerpoint sharing) and 99 Designs (Crowdsourcing designs) - as a marketplace supporting the world's 500+ million Microsoft Excel users and other important financial modelling softwares, like Matlab, Eviews, Mathematica, etc.

Particularly relevant to the following communities: Investment Banking; Quantitative Analysis; Hedge Fund; Equities; Corporate Finance; Valuations; Infrastructure; Accounting; Strategy; Management Consulting; Logistics; Manufacturing; Engineering; Database Management; Business Intelligence.
Glen: "So you are going to spend the next week trying to value ABC's business in Mumbai?"

Eugene: "Yes"

Glen: "That will be tough in a week. Have you got any samples to work from?

Eugene: "Yes"

Glen: "Is it a vumero?"

Eugene: "Yes. I vumeroed it. High quality, first class, just awesome. Recycling a valuation done in Canada last year on the same type and size of company, same industry, similar growth prospects. It just needs some minor tweaking. I'll finish it in 2 hours, not 60 hours".
by Vumeroed May 22, 2011
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