Fingering a woman's vagina using the index and middle finger while fingering her anus wih the ring and little finger.
Uhura: "Spock, I want you inside of me."
Spock: (Performs Vulcan Salute) "Live long and prosper."
by Finnicky Dee January 24, 2011
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When someone uses the Vulcan hand sign meaning "Live long and prosper" from Star Trek to insert the index and middle finger into a woman's vagina; and the ring and pinky fingers into her anus.

A variation of "two in the pink; one in the stink"
"I gave this dirtybutt the old Vulcan Salute last night and had to wash my hands immediately after."
by Neverland Ranch Survivor March 21, 2021
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The full Vulcan salute was an extended verse of Live Long and Prosper, you use it when returning to Vulcan or to give off your Star Trek vibes. The first bit and last bit is from Star Trek but the rest is to fill in the gaps.
Here’s what you say:
Live long and prosper, Image of Vulcan, Guardian of Spock, Speaker of Vuhlkansu, Living here today, Peace and long Life.
And that’s how to say the full Vulcan salute.
When saying guardian of Spock you can also say guardian of (person you are doing it to)
by Synth ZoTT July 6, 2022
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