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A pop-punk band consisting of Ian Reibeisen (vocals), Sal Salemme (drums), Scott Gunter (lead guitar), Bennett Pisaniello (rhythm guitar), and Joe Mauti (bass), all from Quinnipiac University.

After winning the grand prize for the East Coast Indie Battle of the Bands, these guys have landed a spot on Warped Tour playing a few dates up in and around their native Connecticut. Having opened for such international acts as We the Kings, Voted Most Random's sound is a mix between old-school pop-punk and modern melodic alternative.

Voted Most Random has played with: Bands Voted Most Random has played with:

2010 Warped Tour
Atomic Tom
Down With Webster
Let's Get It
Love Via Dance Machine
Modern Hearts Break Faster
Phone Calls From Home
Speak In Verse
We The Kings
White Rose
"Are you going to the Voted Most Random show?"

"Of Course! Why would I miss out on their free hugs and good music?
by Katethegreat :) December 22, 2010
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A pop-punk band that stays true to its roots, but at the same time draws from its influences to create an original sound in a tough genre.

Up-and-coming yet already successful, VMR has played with various talented indie and signed artists. VMR continues to consistently break through in their genre. Without a doubt the band will see great success in their near future.
Daaaaaamn, Voted Most Random; you got da funk
by Disconcerned Citizen December 22, 2010
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Voted Most Random is a band that came together on the University of Quinnapiac's campus in Hamden, CT and NOT in Waterbury, CT. They have a similar sound to bands like All Time Low and Blink-182 who were inspirations to them and they did not at al what so ever rip those bands off. The band consists of 5 AMAZING members. The members are: singer Ian, guitarist Scott, rhythm guitarist Bennett, bassist Joe, and drummer Sal who are all very different from one another. This band has won 2 battles of the bands to play with numerous other awesome bands at Warped 2010 and the more recent Glamour Kills holiday show. Voted Most Random recently released 2 singles onto iTunes called "Can't Stand Still" and "Dirty Games". Both are phenomenal so everyone should go check out the band!
Did you see Voted Most Random at The Space last night? They Rocked!!" "Yeah! I'm definitely going to see them sometime again soon!
by iamananonymousvmrfan December 24, 2010
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Pretty crappy pop-punk band out of Waterbury, Connecticut. Claims not to be a ripoff of Blink-182 or Good Charlotte while at the same time ripping them off. Has 5 members instead of the usual three. Lead singer plays no instrument while on stage, thus looking like a douche bag and embarrassing himself. All share the same appearance. Song lyrics make no sense and songs are just recycled Blink-182 riffs.

Despite being worthy of a face palm, they still play numerous shows and even appeared on Warped Tour 2010. This just shows how shitty the music industry has become. Stop killing punk.
Voted Most Random? What the hell kind of name is that? Blink-182 should definitely change their name back, wait...
by Goldblatt November 30, 2010
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