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Vorhees high school is a high school that has a nice building, shitty flower looking bathrooms, and loctated next to a road in the woods in Hunterdon county Nj. Most of the majority of people are rednecks and rich people. Nobody knows about this school other than North Hunterdon and it’s retarded that they are sister schools even though they always lose to north. We do have fun football games and everyone is always included! The only thing Voo takes from North are the loser transfers. North Hunterdon is always like “oh oh we’re way better than voo and we’re sister schools uhhj huhhuhuuh huhu uhhh *moans louder and louder* Voo doesn’t even give a damn about North, they act as if they’re they’re own school district. North who? we only lose the fucking milk can game is because y’all got more kids than us. anyway, it has less drama, but hypocritical people. It’s a great day to be a vike!
Some other random ass school student around the area: “Hey my name is Joe-Ann, what school do you go to? I’m a student at Bridgewater-Raritan !! (: (; “

Voo kid: “I go to Vorhees High School! I heard of Bwater ohhhhh!!!”

Some other random ass kid: “Where tf is that?”
by FactsonJersey June 09, 2018
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