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A vomjob is a blowjob that goes horribly wrong. Right after ejaculating in the givers mouth (s)he vomits the cum and everything else in her(his) stomach onto the receiver's dick.
Last winter Caitlyn and Anatole went out for a nice Indian dinner.
Afterwards, they were fooling around and Caitlyn vomited on his dick.
When we found out, Thom yelled "YOU VOMITED ON HIS DICK!?!?"
Casey then said "VOMJOB!"
by veganjello123 August 20, 2008
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While a chick is giving a drunken sloppy blow job and just before you're gonna give her some throat yogurt she voms all over your cock but continues until the job is done.
Danny brought V-Dawg back to his apt and she starts going down on him like ghetto style but check this out, she was so fucked up she vommed all over his cock and he was like "oh my god why is there chicken terriyaki on my balls? I was almost done, you better fucking finish. GET BACK ON THAT TERRIYAKI COCK!!!!" So he shoved her face back down and she happily completed the vom-job. The End.
by Dr. Vom February 12, 2008
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The act of recieving a blowjob after the person who is giving it throws up and does not clean his/her mouth. The reciever usually has no problem with this.
Gregg recieved a vomjob in the bathroom of his dorm room by the fat girl on the 5th floor. She threw up and proceeded to give him a vomjob.
by Mr. Conspiracy December 20, 2010
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