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A volleyball queen(s) are a group of girls, or one female who think they rule the sport of volleyball just because they are on their school volleyball team, or are on their local city volleyball team (all you have to pay is a large amount of money $1500-3000). They are usually regular girls when they are not near a volleyball. But when there is a group of 6 people playing for example, and 5 are volleyball queens, they will completely ignore the "non volleyball player" and totally let out their inner Regina George. Sometimes, they may even say, "You can't play with us." The only time that person gets to bump or spike is when she gets to retrieve the ball. Even then, the person you spike to may just let the ball drop in front of her. Sometimes, they will allow you to play to look nice but if you mess up they'll give you the meanest glare EVER and stomp off to retrieve it. Or they'll start whispering furiously to the person next to her while staring at you.

Signs that a person MAY be a volleyball queen: You carry a volleyball to school everyday. You play volleyball before school, during lunch, or after school. You literally go crazy if you are not allowed to play volleyball when a volleyball is 5 feet or closer to you. Most of your Instagram photos are of your volleyball team, you blocking someone, you spiking, or you playing volleyball at the beach with a bikini on. You LOVE Lululemon.

Volleyball queens are basically bitches when it comes to volleyball.
"Oh. My gosh. I was playing volleyball with some people today and i spiked a perfect ball to McKenzie and she just watched it fall. What a bitch."
"No, she's not bitch. She's a VOLLEYBALL QUEEN."

"Did you see my roll shots? It was perfect every single time! It was funny how everyone tried to copy me except they all failed lmao.
"Dude. You're acting a bit like a volleyball queen right now.
"No I'm not! You're just jealous because no one ever passes the ball to you and everyone passes it to me."
by Lana Lover May 12, 2014
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