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This is a law postulating the following:
"Provided sufficient time and responses from Christians, any critical analysis of the Christian bible performed by an atheist will inevitably lead some Christian to claim that his or her bible can only be correctly understood by the Christian faithful."

i.e.- when any logical fallicies or any of the multitude of glaring contradictions that fill the christist 'holy' bible are pointed out to a bible-banging moron, their catch all response is, "well your not a christist, so you wouldn't understand." Thereby displaying that they have no logical argument for their bullshit book of lies and hate.
christist fundie: "The Bible says that Jesus preached peace and tolerance to all."

Atheist: "Well in Luke 19:27 explains that if you don't obey Jesus Christ and make Him your authority / King, you are to be slain. Luke 19:27 documents Jesus Christ as being a tyrannical terrorist to human beings and that the New Testament continues to qualify as a terrorist handbook."

christist fundie: "Well your not a biblical scholar so you wouldn't be able to understand."

Atheist: "Ah ha, another case of Vjack's Law for the case studies."

Christist: "The bible says that homosexuality is a sin that is punishable by death!"

Atheist: "The bible also says that eating shell fish is a sin that is punishable by death. So put down that king crab leg or I'll have to cut your head off you delusional moron."
by Lord Azuleesh July 28, 2009
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