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Vitilus is a term used to classify someone, much like the term emo, faggot, or hipster. A "Vitilus" is a person who is obsessed with online video games, and has most of their friends online. Most often, the term is used to describe those who, as well as having an addiction to online gaming, also have fetishes relating to Man-Cow bestiality. A half man, half cow dressed in fantasy medieval battle armor, wielding a large axe or sword would give a Vit's three inch penis an instant erection.

It is hard to tell if someone is a Vit (Vitilus). They usually seem normal to the outside world, but they almost always live in Texas and wear large cowboy boots, another one of their sexual fetishes.

"Vits" don't have many interests other than their fetishes and their online games, but most show interest in bears, beats, and battlestar galactica.

Contrary to their seemingly disturbed minds, a Vitilus does posses an immense wisdom, and often times will know just what you are trying to talk about, even though your words may be unclear. Though their understanding is vast like a sage, a Vitilus usually won't offer much advice because frankly all they care about is putting their penises in a cow while wearing cowboy boots with lots of spurs.
This man can't speak normal English and has been trying to tell us something for the past hour! What shall we do?

Oh, just take him to the local Vitilus. Remember, Vit knows what yer' talkin' 'bout.
by Kittykittylicklick123 September 04, 2010
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