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A Vitamin Bear is a person who is very unhealthy, but thinks he is healthy because of his enormous vitamin consumption. The reason bear is chosen is because of the two most usual problems for vitamin bears: Bodyhair problems and problems with size weight. Of course a bear has plenty of both.

Vitamin bears are ironically a type of vitamin in Norway, it is unknown if this is a joke on the "vitamin bear" term or if it is a coincidence.
Dane: I just feel better than ever, I got my vitamin C, and my vitamin B and my vitamin A. It all makes my body work perfectly man, and I look great.

Jens: You stupid vitamin bear! You weigh more than an average skyscraper, and you look like a dead sheep drowned in fugde!
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend October 24, 2009
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