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When a highly anticipated tech product is released to the public with undisclosed major flaws creating generally overblown PR mayhem, including but not limited to: Tech blogger rants and link-baiting; fanboy tears, anguish, disbelief and excuses; impotent manufacturer patches and/or fixes; repeated BP-ish responses from corporate executives; snarky comments enclosed in competitor's advertisements; open letters from populist-whore politicians; angry rants from Whoopi Goldberg; some sort of obligatory but thoughtless comment from Steve Wozniak. Named for the the Microsoft Product Windows Vista.
The Apple iPhone 4 was regarded as the greatest smartphone ever, or at least until it was discovered that the antennae system was slightly less capable than Abe Vigoda's unmedicated penis and subsequently underwent a complete and public Vistafication.
by Prostate of Grace July 15, 2010
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