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Visiofelicitaphilia: (from the latin:happy + face + mania)-smiley mania.An affliction that forces sufferers to compulsively amend their emails with downloadable animated icons-usually of small inane cartoons. Visiofelicitaphiliacs live under the mistaken impression that they are expressing themselves by communicating in a new and creative manner. Increased use of smileys by visiofelicitaphiliacs causes frustration in others and justifies smiley pimps increased advertising of their insiduous creation, cluttering up websites everywhere.
Her visiofelicitaphilia had reached the point where she thought that communicating with icons was better than words.Nobody understood her.

"If one more visiofelicitaphiliac sends any of this crap to me, I'm going postal on their ass!"
by Gavin Smit January 19, 2006
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