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A cheat website that has gained most of its popularity with CSGO players due to long undetected steaks. Seeing a player sporting their site as a name or posting it in the chat is a red flag that your game is about to be ruined. Beware as they have infectious tactics and commonly recruit the furious or gullible. They currently have their hand in every major First Person Shooter title for the PC. While trying to have fun online, you are bound to run into the following scenario below at some point.
"1337n0obSc0p3rxX: virtual-advantage bro"
"BDSMgabenStyle: Ban this fucking hacker"
"1337n0obSc0p3rxX: mad?"
"BDSMgabenStyle: Where the hell is the admin..."
by AimbotHacksCheats July 04, 2015
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A company that sells hacks for money over PayPal. They are well known for selling broken hacks. VA's (Virtual Advantage's) DayZ hack users are often globally banned (GB'd) upon injection (when one attempts to load the hack into the Arma II OA "DayZ" client) by BattlEye (a different company that works against cheaters in video games). VA is also known for a female, Jasmine. She works as an admin for VA and many members of the hacking community refer to her as an annoying, fat, bitch.
Virtual Advantage's hacks are shit! I just bought them today, used them once and I am already GBed. I asked for help and all I got was that fat, annoying, bitch Jasmine. What a joke!
by UNknownUSer July 03, 2013
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