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Virginia Weslyan University previously known as Virginia Weslyan College is a small liberal arts college located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The school prides itself in accepting pretty good athletes from high school and turning them into pretty good D3 athletes. Home to pastels, sperrys and preppy kids with money that want nothing but the beach. This diamond in the rough is spending tons of money on new buildings and facilities to start looking pretty nice. With some attractive men and women.

The food is terrible and the campus of small, but as corny as it sounds it really is what you make of it. You can be a scholar, an athlete, or can you can just coast. Lacrosse is somewhat "big" at this school. When I say big I mean a bunch of pretentious douches walking around all the time.

The party scene is run by the sports kids, mainly lacrosse. Virginia-Wesleyan is very diverse, and can be seen by simply walking around campus: from basketball players to lacrosse players baseball players to field hockey players to an insanely good girls softball team randomly. The sports at Virginia Wesleyan always guarantee pretty amazing talent. The schools insanely expensive price, leads to very good professors that grade very hard, and are run by liberal teachers that will shove it in your face. While it is very easy to get in to Virginia Weslyan it is very hard to stay.
Tim: " I'm going to Virginia Wesleyan University next year. I can't wait!)"
Nick: "Wow! Your parents make six digits! And your probably a pretentious decent high school athlete!"
by Nomansland May 20, 2017
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