a really hot girl. Definitely not a lesbion. Usually has an amazing ass and incredible lower body strength due to crazy condtitioning. A field hockey girl could easily kick any guys ass. They play the best sport ever known to man that is field hockey. A sport in which totally hot girls (field hockey players) chase eachother around with sticks and kick the shit out of eachother. This sport requires extreme endurance and strength. Field hockey players are really hard core but the hottest girls alive with the nicest asses on the planet. Field hockey players are usually overpowered with crazy team spirit. the day b4 a game they will usually wear something ridiculous to school to show their spirit. Field hockey players are often preppy american eagle abercrombie wearing rich girls because the sport is so damb expensive.
student 1:are you going to the field hockey game today?
student 2: yeah man those field hockey players are so damb hot!
student 1:yeah but they are so hard core, the could totally kick your ass
student 2:oh man thats so hot
by austin9675 January 7, 2007
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The blonde chick is hot, but her friend is a field hockey player
by jack September 5, 2004
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