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1) Virgina Queen is a name for a female or another gender who defines themselves as the bottom in sexual activities for having alot of sex. Virgina queens can sometimes end up with a heavy flow and wide set virgina. They also have the capabilities to attract the larger males.


2) A women who believes shes the alfadog, and the ruler over the lesser women.


3) A woman who takes more care about her virginas appearance than any other women, and can go to various extremes to make her virgina look and even smell good. They range from having Vaginal surgery to Vagazilling!
1) "Ugh she is always having sex! what a virgina queen!"

2) Person 1 - "she always gets a man in bed, why cant I be like that!"
Person 2 - "Because shes a virgina queen honey..."

3 Person 1 - "Did you hear about the girl who got her virgina vagazelled!?"
Person 2 - "Yeah, and apparently she had surgery on it to... She is such a virgina queen!"
by TheGhettoVJJ February 08, 2011
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