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Possibly one of the most charismatic, interesting, and surprisingly funny front-men to grace the Modern Metal scene, Vincent Bennett is the vocalist of the Metalcore band, The Acacia Strain. Bennett's lyrical themes often include misanthropy, nihilism, distaste for pop culture and modern society, as well as a distrust and aversion to mankind's ever increasing dependence on technology. Despite these themes Vincent is, and I can speak from meeting him, a surprisingly approachable and friendly person. He also adheres to a Straight Edge lifestyle but is non-condemning to those who choose not to do so. And two things that you should never forget: If you'll call him Vince he'll rip your fucking head off, and he is the end of the world.
"I met Vincent after their show in Charlotte and he signed a CD for me."

"Several straight edge kids have found solace in Vincent Bennett as a representative of straight edge philosophy and lifestyle."
by irockbeardzzz December 01, 2011
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