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The name of a psychotic murderer who attacked, killed, skinned, and decapitated a 22 year old man (Tim McLean) on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba Canada on June 30, 2008.

Had no criminal record prior, killed and brutality mutilated a young man (who was sleeping) for a completely unknown cause. No apparent reason or motive whatsoever. He pulled out a big knife and slaughtered his seatmate like a demoniacally-possessed barbarian.

Just what the hell is wrong with humanity?
Vince Weiguang Li is a monster. I hope he suffers at the thought of what he done every second of every day for the rest of his wretched life and eternally rots in the fiery depths of hell after he reaches his highly-celibrated death.
by Bee_Jay August 03, 2008
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