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Vince Neil is the lead vocalist for Mötley Crüe, a heavy/glam metal band emerging in thr 1980's in L.A's 'Sunset Strip.' Increased in popularity in 1989 with the album and song, 'Dr. Feelgood.' Gets the ladies and gigs by the ton, still going hard. Salute to Vince! Living, breathing, singing legend, along with his three other bandmates, Nikki Sixx (bass), Mick Mars (guitar) and Tommy Lee (drums).
"Vince Neil went hard at that last gig!"
"He's the one to call Dr. Feelgood!"
by Paul David Ramone July 17, 2006
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The lead vocalist of the hugely popular hair metal band Motley Crue. He is constantly being followed by groupies and was hot back in the day. Now he has reunited with his band and his looks have gone pretty much downhill.
Jenna slept with Vince Neil over a hundred times back in the 1980s!
by Miss Marie K May 15, 2007
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The fat, old washed up lead singer of Motley Crue. Somehow he still manages to get women and gigs even though both his talent and looks are long gone.
Did anyone hear that Vince Neil got married for like the 5th time a couple of months ago. Wonder how long THIS ONE will last?
by Chandra May 12, 2005
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