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Villa Walsh Academy. where the definition of a badass is someone who takes the elevetor without an elevator pass, and a slut is someone who rolls their skirt so it shows their knees and their knee socks don't cover their whole shin. Where excitement is finding a dollar, which will be spent on a bottom shelf cookie. Where there are 3 types of people: the crazy overachievers who are completely obsessed with villa walsh (true villa gorillas), the people whose parents forced them to go and are trying to make the best of it and failing miserably, and the ones who are barely getting by and screw the world. Where nuns roam the halls, and when the headmaster goes down the halls girls quickly unroll their skirts and tuck in their blouses. Where "facilitate" "corridor" and "student responsibilities" are used 300 times per morning announcement. Oh villa walsh academy.
by curly123456789 November 20, 2010
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