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REDNECKS, SLUTS, AND CRACK HEADS GALORE!! Not to mention over priced water! Known for hours wasted waiting on trains. Population:2500. A nice place to live....if you like doing drugs and drinking, so we have 2 graveyards. If in need of a cat, just pop in town for a few mins. Smells like poo all day everyday thanks to water sewage plant in middle of village. Just watch for fires and floods. The school is ran by a lesbian and teachers have sex with their students. We've have atleast 3 bomb threats. One actually making the bomb and blowing it up. One with just the ingredients. And one made on the bathroom mirror.
Hey boss, sorry i'm late.

It's ok. You're from villa grove.

Frickin, trains.
by Chunkeez monkee February 12, 2012
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