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To password protect an image within a link before sharing it online. In the online age, we share everything with everyone. Some of our greatest regrets are from sharing an image on social media and having it go viral. If you Vigitiz the image before you share it, you can delete it at the source or change the password to remove unwanted views or access.
1. Last night was awesome, but some of those pics are off the wall. Think i will Vigitiz them before i share them.

2. Forget internet picture regret and Vigitiz your images before you share them.

3. The internet never forgets a great picture; prevent that shit from going viral. Vigitiz your images first, then share the password with your trusted clan. If they leak the password, just change it.

4. Keep the memories between the people who need to see them. Vigitiz and keep out all the haters.
by Vigitiz October 18, 2017
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