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A theory that many Non-Vietnamese and Vietnamese people adapted to why alot of Vietnamese people are
considered so "hot headed" and violent and often in gangs as youths whether living in a poverty area are not.

The Violence Vietnamese Theory states that
since Vietnam itself, way back, had been in many devastating wars over and over for centuries. The surviving soldiers; who many times are young 13-18 year old guys, were often the more hot headed aggresive, but at the same time skilled, comes home and reproduce.

Through their blood and genetics is passed to their children, and their children grew up and war again, and those who survives with skills and aggresiveness, comes home and reproduce.

This cycle leads on for for up to 11 centures of war and destruction, which ultimatly leads to the Vietnamese of today.

It is important to notice, not everyone is the same. Most Vietnamese are friendly and heart warming if you are friendly towards them.
It does not matter where you go- Vietnam, California, Texas, Boston. Though, everything else changes, the surrounding environment, other people, the laws, their outfits, their technology. One thing will always remain the same....

Kid A: Yo, why do Vietnamese people get mad so easily and jump people over crap, I use to thought they were just another version of Chinese and koreans who are smart, but afraid to do anything else.

Kid B: You joking? you never heard of the Vietnamese Violence Theory? They are fucking violent in harsh times.
Do not get me wrong though, lol many Vietnamese are also smart. Remember Brains will beat Brute skills, but it takes Brains and Brute skills to survive in Vietnam during that era.
by reppen4mydinks March 28, 2010
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