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A clever way of calling somebody morbidly obese. Typically, this person would be unhealthily overweight and would order a lot of big food items at fast food restaurants, then would precede eat it all, probably with enough room for dessert.

This term was coined back in 2006 on MTV2's Wonder Showzen during the episode "Body". Letter P was morbidly obese and remarked, "I'm not fat, I'm merely a victim of deliciousness" when Chauncey and the gang were calling her names related with her obesity.
Fat Ass Customer - I would like 2 double Quarter Pounders, a large fry, large drink, and how about a couple of McDoubles too.

Clerk - Feeding a family tonight, huh?

Fat Ass Customer - Nah, I'm pretty hungry tonight.

Clerk - You're quite the victim of deliciousness, aren't you.

Fat Ass Customer - Huh?

Clerk - Nothing. That will be $16.22, please.
by Deek Bosko November 13, 2011
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