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1. a. Anyone who believes Michael Vick has the right to play for the NFL therefore, role model, sports hero for Americas youth is a Vickdick.
b. Anyone who supports Michael Vick, profits from Michael Vick, pays to see Michael Vick play football, cheers for Michael Vick is a Vickdick.
2. a. Anyone who raises Pit Bulls to fight is a Vickdick. (esp. middle to upper class, do not need betting money but do it for kicks)
b. Anyone who uses sweet, innocent Pit Bulls as "bait" by taping their jaws shut so young Pit Bulls can practice fighting by biting and torturing the dog to death is a Vickdick.
c. Anyone who steals innocent Pit Bulls to sell for bait is a Vickdick.
d. Anyone who watches and/or bets on Pit Bull fights to the death are Vickdicks.
7. ( Loosely) a. Anyone who tortures animals, esp. buries them in their back yard is a Vickdick.
b. Any viscous coward who profits from others misery and death is a Vickdick.
Andy Reid, coach for the Philadelphia Eagles thinks it's a great idea to hire Michael Vick. Andy Reid is seeing dollar signs above humanitarian reasoning, Andy Reid is clearly a Vickdick.
by vlcmna August 18, 2009
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