Number 4 of Organization XIII
Also known as the "Freezing Scholar"

Vexen is the research scientist of the group and loves to study the secrets of the heart. Vexen is ranked higher than most others in the game and has long dirty blond hair. He can control the power of ice and carries a large shield in battle that blocks any frontal attacks made against him.

In Chain of Memories, he appears to help in Marluxia's plot, but actually siding with Zexion and Lexaeus. He first battles Riku in order to create a replica of him. However, Vexen cared nothing for his "experiment" and allows Naminé manipulate the duplicate's memories against his wishes. When he encounters Sora, Vexen says that he came to collect his "debt" and provokes Sora's anger by making him believe that he controlled Riku rather than created a replica. After their battle, Vexen gives Sora the card to Twilight Town with the intention of revealing something important to the boy. Marluxia considers him a traitor as a result and sends Axel to kill him.

In Twilight Town, Vexen attempts to reveal to Sora why he feels as though he has been to Twilight Town despite being fairly certain (though memories are never quite certain in Castle Oblivion) that he had never been there. Sora and Vexen battle again after Vexen tells Sora to throw away his memories and listen to his heart. Following the fight, Vexen sees Sora as a true threat; even after being weakened by false memories, Sora remained very strong. Just as Vexen is about to reveal to Sora Marluxia's plot to use him and the existence of "the other side of Sora's heart", Vexen is struck behind by one of Axel's chakrams. Despite pleading for mercy, Axel lays the deathblow to Vexen, telling him "Now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody." His original name was Even.

In the Chain of Memories manga, there is a research lab in the lower levels of Castle Oblivion where Vexen spends most of his time.

He is voiced by Tatsuya Kando in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
Vexen would be a fairly easy fight in Kingdom Hearts II, however he is not included in the game aside from a quick cutscene and a journal entry.
by Jusan Kikan February 3, 2006
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