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A student's establishment located in Enschede in the Netherlands maintained by and for students (also accessible for non-students) with reasonably prices and a great diversity of beers and other types of booze.
Bro1: "Wanna go for a drink?"
Bro2: "Sure, let's go to the Vestingbar, they have practically everything there."
by Socratov December 01, 2009
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A bar at the university campus of Enschede, that's not accessible due to the door being always closed (except for douchebag fraternities). The website claims it's open 364 days a year, for all.
Bro1: "Wanna go for a drink at the Vestingbar?"
Bro2: "Fuck that shit, the door is always closed."
Bro1: "Oh yeah. Let's call Alex the beer guy again."
by Witbreuksweg May 08, 2011
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