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The best cwalk forum on the internet. Owned by Vee and led by Arc and female admin D'Dream. The first and only site that has made a cwalk clothing line as well as the first made shoes for cwalking. Currently in "v3" as a dance forum (vbulletin) with thousands of members. Has a panda for a mascot and sponsors famous cwalkers to advertise their products. The site holds many events such as mixtapes and tournaments. It definitely makes a mark in cwalk history as a great forum. Came to existence on April 2nd, 2008. Formerly known as "cwalkworld". The site has many members who post cwalk videos of themselves representing the site and advertising it on youtube. People from the site have also been interviewed or seen on TV. Their levels currently consists of Rookie, Adept, Pro, Vestige Superior, Vestige Elite, and Gods Team. They have a unique way of categorizing their members which sets them apart from other cwalk forums. It is a great place for beginner cwalkers to go!
Pimpmywalk sucks, let's go to Vestigeworld!
by DamDamDiDoo October 26, 2009
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