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Ripping everyone off since 2008 with their "fast internet"! How great is it to have "50mbps internet" that never comes?
Jim: Oh hey I have Optimum Online Ultra! I get speeds up to 101mbps! I know it's not possible to make it to 101mbps all the time, but most of the time, I get about 61mbps! What about you, dude?
Tim: Suck it! I have 8mbps! WHAT! Verizon FiOS has the best Internet in the nation!
Jim: I-I think you should just... you know, leave.
Tim: Yeah...
by TheAznGeek December 14, 2009
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A fun place that opened up during the summer in Massapequa Park a town in Long Island. If you were a kid between the ages of 10 to 17, you were there. Basically it was a way for people to test out Verizon FiOS, a high speed internet connection. A couple of kids from Berner Middle School got banned from the place for leaving a huge pile of bikes on the sidewalk. A lot of the rebellious punks and wiggers hung out there. It lasted the whole summer but it had to close down eventually; it was only supposed to show people what Verizon FiOS can do.
Oh, I'm so bored. I'm too lazy to go on Myspace at home so i'll just go to that Verizon FiOS place in the village and go on there.
by CheezNapkin February 18, 2006
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