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Vergilio (Ver - hi - leo) is long for Vergil (Ver - jil). A loving and very caring guy who will always find a way to get what he wants. He's persistent, compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, strict, patient, loving, and most of all, the most unforgettable person you will ever know. He may be tall, or he may be just very smart. He could be strong in physicality, or strong in the mind. He's ambitious and very dreamy at some times. He can be mysterious and sometimes boring. He can be loud but he is not aggressive. He will understand you no matter what, and he will always be there for you... no matter what.
I know a guy who was there for me all the time. Sometimes he goes, sometimes he comes back. He'd help me play the game right and he'd always know what to do next. He is my teacher but sometime he can be a pain in the butt. Overall, he knows what he wants in himself and you as well. Vergilio is one tough and a very all around person who has ever lived!
by Wizzy Miggy January 14, 2017
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