Art that someone makes to let out a feeling, usually a negative feeling like anger or sadness. Venting your feelings out on the canvas.
During my depression, I no longer took commissions as I was spending all my time on vent art.
by dembombs January 11, 2015
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vent art (noun): depicting pain, abondenment or sadness thru a character suffering. usually a replacement for self-harm, the artist might depict self harm or the after maths as a way to show their commitment to these big feelings. the focus character is usually a stand in for the artist; a fursona or self-insert oc are popular.
this is not canon, i am just making (m< OC) suffer here as some vent art. life sucks right now, but i will be back to regular updates soon!
by vollmondsekunde August 12, 2022
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Vent art is when a person who goes through a drug addiction or rape draws it down on a canvas to let go of any stress
I started drawing vent art after mother yelled at me saying ‘ he hits you because he loves you! ‘, an example of a vent art is down below.
by Sugarscroll March 29, 2022
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