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1) A free spirit that refuses to be confined to society's standards. A person that expresses their true personality regardless of how they are perceived...Usually this is done through outrageous hair styles and colors, photography, web design, tattoos and piercings, music, dance, and art.

2) An obnoxious person that will do ANYTHING for attention. A COMPLETE fame whore.

3) Alternative Entrepreneurs. People who create brands based on alternative culture.
Example One
Guy 1: "Did ya hear about Sasha starting her own voyeur site?"

Guy 2: "Yeh man, she's a velvet angel now."

Example Two
John: "Why is it that everytime we go out with Dylan and Tyla, they always end up drunk and making out with random people?"

Shane: "That's just how those velvet angels roll."

Emily(thinking): I love dancing in sexy lingerie for my boyfriend. I think I'll turn that into a business so I can get rich and famous. (a velvet angel is born)
by Don Fredo February 08, 2010
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